Group strategy

We grow and expand our participation in all aspects of the vehicle value chain with competitive products and services that maximise our share of the customer's vehicle investment and engender loyalty.

  • We will improve people's lives by envisioning, innovating and creating new access to leading-edge mobility solutions – both products and services.
  • We will rely on strong relationships with suppliers and principals to offer these solutions at competitive prices in the geographical areas where we operate.
  • We will ensure sustainable value creation for all stakeholders, including OEMs and business partners.
  • We create value for customers and build market share through relevant, innovative products and exceptional service at competitive prices.
  • We deliver returns to shareholders through innovation-driven growth and optimisation that allows us to increase our participation in all aspects of the automotive value chain to enhance our earnings while proactively managing risk and capital allocation.
  • We have a diverse complement of highly competent and experienced individuals and teams to deliver our progress and performance.
  • We are fair, accountable, driven, and ensure that we operate in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.
  • We comply with rules and regulations, operate at the highest levels of integrity and ethics, and ensure we have non-discriminatory business practices.


Our long-term strategic priorities remain unchanged and are focused on ensuring that we are the leading automotive group in South Africa, with a select international presence in the UK and Australia and a limited presence in South East Asia, and Southern and East Africa.

We remain focused on deepening our competitiveness and relevance across the automotive value chain, driving organic growth through optimisation, innovation, and selective bolton and complementary acquisitions.

In executing our business strategy as a responsible corporate citizen, Motus is led in a manner that is environmentally conscious to ensure its sustainability, and adopts policies and practices that enhance the growth of the economies in which it operates.

Read more about our strategic progress in the sections of the report that follow.

Our medium-term value-creating priorities

Mobility for good

We are defined by being:
  • Leaders
  • Innovators
  • Customer champions
  • Leaders
  • Innovators
  • Customer champions

Our strategic pillars

Our strategic initiatives underpin the delivery of our aspirations

Import and Distribution

  • Enhance the retail strategy and customer experience throughout the vehicle ownership cycle.
  • Grow market share for entry level, and small and medium sports utility vehicles (SUVs).
  • Expand aftersales product offerings.
  • Grow parts and service business.
  • Manage costs and forward cover in line with the Group policy.
  • Extend the range of vehicle models.

Retail and Rental

  • Maintain targeted pre-owned vehicle market share.
  • Rationalise the dealership footprint, aligned to OEM strategies, and refine the multi-franchise model.
  • Improve brand representation through select bolt-on acquisitions in South Africa, the UK, and Australia.
  • Optimise the car rental business to adapt to new market realities.
  • Sell electric and hybrid vehicles in markets where charging infrastructure and government support are available (UK and Australia) and in South Africa when the infrastructure and government support become available.
  • Invest in technology to drive digitisation and to support customer service and experience.

Financial Services

  • Expand offerings and drive further integration into dealer networks.
  • Develop new and innovative channels to the market.
  • Continuously align with digital and automation trends, as well as changing customer needs.
  • Continue to focus on fintech developments and leverage relationships with financial institutions and joint ventures.
  • Through the innovation centre:
    • Develop innovative products and services.
    • Drive Group-wide innovation.
    • Foster a culture of innovation.

Aftermarket Parts

  • Grow retail footprint and optimise operating structure, with the support of franchisees.
  • Drive optimisation of the supply chain via Chinese operations.
  • Strengthen the core business through improved efficiency and volume buying.
  • Grow number of buying groups of which we are members.
  • Invest in IT to drive digitisation and e-commerce expansion.
  • Rationalise distribution centres in South Africa and China.
  • Manage inventory availability.
  • Expand our entry-level product range.
  • Extend distributor footprint internationally.

Our people

  • Develop a skilled, diverse and motivated workforce.
  • Maintain a strong focus on transformation, succession, and empowering employees.
  • Encourage a high-performance culture with tailored training and development opportunities for all levels of staff .

ESG impact

  • Manage our activities that impact ESG and actively strive to uphold our commitments to all stakeholders.
  • Remain committed to socio-economic growth, creating employment, and contributing to our communities.
  • Continue to deepen the maturity of our governance practices and processes.

To enhance shareholder value we aim to

  • Deliver strong profit margins and cash flows.
  • Maintain a strong balance sheet and liquidity to fund working capital, invest in diversified growth through selective bolt-on and complementary acquisitions, leverage vertical integration strategies and support share buy-backs.
  • Maintain a reliable dividend policy.

Our key competitive advantages

  • Our business model is fully integrated across the vehicle value chain.
  • We are well positioned to maintain our leading retail market share in South Africa.
  • Our unrivalled scale underpins a differentiated value proposition.