We are Motus

Motus is a competitive and profitable non-manufacturing automotive group in sub-Saharan Africa, with select businesses beyond the continent.

Motus is South Africa's leading automotive group, employing over 16 700 people globally. Motus has grown over more than 70 years from humble beginnings as a small dealership in downtown Johannesburg into a Group that offers diverse products and services. Today, Motus is the largest, diversified (non-manufacturing) automotive group in sub-Saharan Africa with unrivalled scale and scope in South Africa and a select presence in international markets, primarily in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia, and a limited presence in South East Asia, and Southern and East Africa.

Our services extend across all segments of the vehicle value chain

Motus offers a differentiated value proposition to OEMs, suppliers, customers and business partners. Our fully integrated business model spans across the automotive value chain, delivered through four key business segments.

Import and Distribution

Importer and distributor of passenger, light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and parts to serve a network of dealerships, car rental companies, fleets and government institutions in South Africa.

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Retail and Rental

Retailer of new and pre-owned passenger and commercial vehicles across all segments in South Africa and the UK, and passenger vehicles in Australia.
Selling of parts and accessories.
Servicing and maintenance of vehicles.
Rental of passenger and LCVs.

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Financial Services

Manager and administrator of service, maintenance and warranty plans. Develop and sell value-added products and services (VAPS).
Provider of fleet management services and business process outsourcing through sophisticated technology and call centre capabilities.
Leading the Group's innovation centre.

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Aftermarket Parts

Distributor, wholesaler, and retailer of parts and accessories for mainly out-of-warranty vehicles through retail and franchised stores, and specialised workshops, supported by distribution centres in South Africa, Taiwan and China.

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Operational footprint

The Group's networks in the economic hubs of South Africa and selected international presence provides Motus with opportunities to replicate aspects of our integrated business model.

1  United Kingdom  
Commercial dealerships 86
Passenger dealerships 33
Total 119
2  Southern and East Africa  
Retail dealerships 11
Car rental branches 15
Aftermarket Parts 69
Total 95
3  South East Asia
Aftermarket Parts distribution centres and agencies (Shanghai and Taiwan) 4
Total 4
4  Australia  
Passenger dealerships 36
Total 36
5  South Africa Total Gauteng Western
Limpopo Free
Mpumalanga North
Retail dealerships 341 159 58 32 11 31 24 12 14
   Commercial dealerships 35 18 1 3 1 6 2 1 3
   Passenger dealerships 215 108 40 19 3 14 17 6 8
   Auto Pedigree 69 21 12 8 7 10 4 4 3
   Motus Select 22 12 5 2 1 1 1
Car rental branches 85 25 14 13 16 4 3 7 3
Aftermarket Parts (owned and franchised) 504 137 90 66 67 42 33 49 20
Financial Services Distribute innovative vehicle-related financial products and services through importers and distributors, dealers, finance houses, call centres and digital channels in South Africa.
What makes Motus unique

Our strength lies in our integrated business model, diversification and scale. Our business model allows us to be resilient and agile to navigate cyclical challenges and to capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

Our business model allows us to maximise the revenue and income opportunities for each vehicle sold, enhanced by indirect vehicle-related revenue streams including car rentals, VAPS and parts and accessories revenues. This is further supported by annuity income-earning streams, our cash-generation ability, and a management team that is highly experienced, agile, and entrepreneurial. We continue to drive organic growth, innovation and acquisitions that create value for all stakeholders. Our fully integrated business model has enabled agile responses to the impact of COVID-19.

Our differentiated offering

We have long-standing importer and retail partnerships with leading OEMs, representing some of the world's most recognised brands. We offer a highly effective route-to-market and, through quality marketing, high levels of customer satisfaction and strategically located multi-franchise dealerships, all of which enable the Group to facilitate a vital link between the OEM's products and the customer throughout the vehicle ownership cycle.

Our deep understanding of OEM strategies, consumer preferences, and mobility-related technologies enables us to develop and offer innovative mobility solutions and products to our customers as we continuously align ourselves to emerging digital, mobility, and automation trends.

Our fully integrated business model

Our business model in South Africa is diverse and fully integrated across the automotive value chain. It provides us with access to cash generation and annuity income streams that are not directly dependent on the sale of new vehicles. We are well positioned to maintain our leading retail market share in South Africa, grow in the pre-owned vehicle market, and our Financial Services and Aftermarket Parts revenue streams are poised for growth, despite the economic and market challenges.

Our unrivalled scale and integration in South Africa underpin our differentiated value proposition to OEMs, suppliers, customers, and business partners, providing multiple customer touch points and engenders loyalty across the vehicle ownership cycle.

Our strong financial position

Our high free cash flow generation and access to annuity income streams, with returns on invested capital (ROIC) exceeding the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), provides a platform for an attractive dividend yield over the medium to long term.

Clear organic growth supports our shareholder return profile, achieved through ongoing portfolio optimisation, innovation-driven improvement, and selective acquisitions to expand the dealership and retail footprint and increase our participation in the vehicle value chain. We leverage best-in-class expertise to diversify and enhance our earnings for the long term.

Our people

Our highly experienced, agile, and entrepreneurial management team has deep knowledge of regional and global automotive markets, a proven track record, and years of collective experience. A strong and diverse board guides and complements our management team.

We endeavour to create a safe working environment and provide equal and fair opportunities for all our people.

Our commitment to stakeholders

The trust that our stakeholders place in the Group demands unfailing integrity and is the foundation on which Motus is built. Dependability is embedded in our organisational culture and underpins our efforts to nurture strong relationships with all our stakeholders. High standards of accountability and transparency support our commitment to unwavering integrity. We operate in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner and adopt practices that support the growth of the economies and communities in which we operate.

We are committed to making a real difference in our communities. We support road safety awareness programmes through the Safe Scholar programme, we promote literacy and reading skills in partnership with the Imperial and Motus Community Trust and, together with Imperial Logistics Limited (Imperial), have developed and support the Unjani Clinics network.