Chairman’s welcome

Chairman’s welcome

“Motus is stronger than before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The extraordinary efforts of an agile and empathetic leadership team, together with an integrated business model give cause for confidence in the relevance and longevity of the business, in a world redefined by the pandemic.”

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Graham Dempster

Graham Dempster
Chairman and independent
non-executive director

CEO’s review

Chief Executive Officer’s review

“Motus rebounded stronger and faster than expected after the initial hard COVID-19 lockdowns, to record robust results for the first full year of trading during the pandemic. This was due to the agility of the management teams, resilience of the Group’s integrated business model, and support from suppliers, customers and funders.”

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Osman Arbee

Osman Arbee
Chief Executive Officer

CIO’s review

Chief Innovation Officer’s review

“The Group’s IT and innovation strategy aligns with the Motus vision to improve people’s lives by envisioning, innovating and creating new avenues of access to leading-edge mobility solutions.”

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Kerry Cassel

Kerry Cassel
Chief Innovation Officer

CFO’s review

Chief Financial Officer’s review

“The Group has proven resilient in another year of challenging operating conditions. In most cases, our business segments are nearing pre-pandemic trading levels. The synergies across our integrated business model, and the agility and urgency that has become standard operating procedure at Motus, will support our continued renewal and growth.”

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Graham Dempster

Ockert Janse Van Rensburg
Chief Financial Officer

We are Motus

Motus is a competitive and profitable non-manufacturing automotive group in sub-Saharan Africa, with select businesses beyond the continent.

Our services extend across all segments of the vehicle value chain

Motus offers a differentiated value proposition to OEMs, suppliers, customers and business partners. Our fully integrated business model spans across the automotive value chain, delivered through four key business segments.

Import and Distribution

Importer and distributor of passenger, light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and parts to serve a network of dealerships, car rental companies, fleets and government institutions in South Africa.

Retail and Rental

Retailer of new and pre-owned passenger and commercial vehicles across all segments in South Africa and the UK, and passenger vehicles in Australia.
Selling of parts and accessories.
Servicing and maintenance of vehicles.
Rental of passenger and LCVs.

Financial Services

Manager and administrator of service, maintenance and warranty plans. Develop and sell value-added products and services (VAPS).
Provider of fleet management services and business process outsourcing through sophisticated technology and call centre capabilities.
Leading the Group's innovation centre.

Aftermarket Parts

Distributor, wholesaler, and retailer of parts and accessories for mainly out-of-warranty vehicles through retail and franchised stores, and specialised workshops, supported by distribution centres in South Africa, Taiwan and China.

Group strategy

We grow and expand our participation in all aspects of the vehicle value chain with competitive products and services that maximise our share of the customer's vehicle investment and engender loyalty.

  • We will improve people's lives by envisioning, innovating and creating new access to leading-edge mobility solutions – both products and services.
  • We will rely on strong relationships with suppliers and principals to off er these solutions at competitive prices in the geographical areas where we operate.
  • We will ensure sustainable value creation for all stakeholders, including OEMs and business partners.
  • We create value for customers and build market share through relevant, innovative products and exceptional service at competitive prices.
  • We deliver returns to shareholders through innovation-driven growth and optimisation that allows us to increase our participation in all aspects of the automotive value chain to enhance our earnings while proactively managing risk and capital allocation.
  • We have a diverse complement of highly competent and experienced individuals and teams to deliver our progress and performance.
  • We are fair, accountable, driven, and ensure that we operate in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.
  • We comply with rules and regulations, operate at the highest levels of integrity and ethics, and ensure we have non-discriminatory business practices.

What makes Motus unique

Our strength lies in our integrated business model, diversifi cation and scale. Our business model allows us to be resilient and agile to navigate cyclical challenges and to capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

Our differentiated offering
Our fully integrated business model
Our strong financial position
Our people
Our commitment to stakeholders

Our performance

Our financial and non-financial performance for the year


Revenue Contribution
Revenue Contribution
* Excludes Head Office and Eliminations.

Operating profit

Revenue Contribution
Revenue Contribution
* Excludes Head Office and Eliminations.