Demonstrating consistently ethical business conduct


For Motus, integrity means always acting with honesty, fairness and transparency and respecting each other, our customers and the communities in which we operate. We strive to operate as a well-governed and ethical company and take decisive action when matters relating to unbecoming conduct are brought to our attention. The trust that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), customers and other stakeholders place in us is an outcome of reliability, which requires consistent integrity. This trust is also key to our ability to continue to grow.

Our values are to be fair, accountable and driven, and to ensure that we operate in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. These values are the foundation for our culture and guide our interaction with our stakeholders. Every employee is responsible for exercising good judgement and obtaining guidance on appropriate business conduct, when needed. Our Code of Ethics guides them in this responsibility. Our ethics, leadership guidance, standard operating systems and our values, aim to align more than 16 700 individual behaviours.

Unethical behaviour is not tolerated and all instances of alleged misconduct or discrimination reported to management, received through the whistle-blowing hotline or through any other compliance oversight channel are thoroughly investigated.

How we measure our performance

Internal audits cover risks relating to bribery and corruption, unethical business practices, human rights and ethical conduct awareness.

Business segments and regions conduct their own employee engagement surveys, in which ethics is a component of the questions asked.

Governance of ethics and compliance.

Our ethical promises

  • Create an environment where honesty and accountability flourish and compliance is a central focus.
  • A commitment across the Group to maintain the highest ethical standards in all business dealings.
  • Every employee representing or working for the Group is expected to follow the Code of Ethics at all times.
  • All persons, including service providers, sub-contractors and business partners, are required to act consistently with the Code of Ethics when acting on the Group's behalf.
  • All managers have additional responsibilities to create an open environment in which employees feel comfortable to ask questions, raise concerns and report misconduct.
  • Leaders with behavioural integrity are valued and promoted.
Stakeholder engagement

Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Osman Arbee, in his presentation to the leadership team in December 2020 and February 2021, conveyed the importance of maintaining our moral compass, and not sacrificing long-term sustainability by taking short cuts or compromising on integrity.

He urged leaders to ensure that:

  • Operations and our people continue to do their jobs with diligence.
  • We continue to treat our people, customers and the assets under our control with respect.
  • Leaders be accessible to their teams and engage with our people.
  • Appropriate levels of professional scepticism are applied.
  • We are able to explain our decision making when held to account by all our stakeholders.

In addition to our individual membership in professional bodies and institutes, which require adherence to professional codes of conduct and ethics, Motus is a member of the Gordon Institute of Business Science Ethics and Governance Think Tank, which gives us access to thought leadership on ethics management.

  • Maintaining a moral compass is critical in these challenging times where a poor economic climate, exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19, may lead to increased incidents of fraud, corruption and misconduct, including by managers and employees.
  • Regulatory changes which create uncertainty and increase the cost of doing business.
Demonstrating consistently ethical business conduct