Talent management and mobility

A healthy pipeline of talent supports proper succession planning, future-proofing our leadership. It also facilitates the internal career growth of talented individuals who can contribute towards our strategic objectives.

In South Africa, our Talent for Growth Framework focuses on identifying the new and critical skills needed now and in the future; and growing our capabilities in these areas. This remains a key aspect of the framework; however, the impact of COVID-19 has required a subtle revision to strengthen our approach, tying the framework more closely to business growth and our strategic objectives.

Talent for Growth approach (South Africa)
talent management

What we are doing

A key element of our integrated talent management approach is performance development management. This process assists to identify internal candidates who are potential successors for critical roles, informs our development programmes ensuring they are fit for purpose, and provides employees with the opportunity to voice and advance their career growth aspirations.

The performance development approach drives better engagement between employees and their line managers, aligning employee standards of performance and expectations with strategic business objectives, and it ensures that employees are assessed fairly, developed appropriately and rewarded and recognised for exceptional performance. It also identifies corrective development or supportive actions to manage poor performance.

The individual performance rating score is split between performance and values-based behaviour with the ratio depending on the unique nature of the business segment concerned. Line managers receive guidance and training on how to consistently determine values-based behaviour.

Our strong relationships with universities and tertiary institutions, and attractive development programmes for graduates, assist the recruitment of external talent. However, the University Relations Programme was suspended during the year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Key to attracting and retaining scarce skills and talent is the ability to move talent between our operations, not only as secondment opportunities offering an attractive and unique employee value proposition in our sector, but to also unlock organisational value by placing talent where it can make the most impact.

In the UK, our approach to talent management is the same. Robust processes are in place to identify talent and possible successors for the operating board and each division. The process ensures that future talent are visible and their development planned. Succession is planned against four categories for each particular role - emergency cover, ready now, ready in one move and ready in two moves. Motus UK aims to have two, or ideally three, candidates per category in line for one role.

2021 performance and looking forward


  • We made good progress in updating the Group executive succession plan. Our contingency plans ensure business continuity in the event that a senior leader or executive is affected by COVID-19.
  • Detailed succession plans are in place for top, senior and middle management roles.
  • Objective: embed diversity, equity and inclusion into the bedrock of the Motus culture, and our business and talent management processes (recruitment, promotions and succession planning).
  • Objective: drive greater alignment between employees and business goals, measure the productivity of employees, including those working remotely, and identify critical roles and key skills.
  • Objective (delayed due to the focus on COVID-19): develop guidelines to govern internal mobility and deployment of people with critical skills across the Group.

Business specific initiatives and highlights

South Africa
  • Successfully migrated the management of the performance development tool into the business segments. The roll out of a standard approach across business segments and brands is a crucial step to ensuring employees are working towards the same goal, particularly important when teams work remotely.
  • A job evaluation, grading and benchmarking exercise is underway, which will allow for consistent grading of roles and provide up-to-date salary benchmarking data. This will give us the ability to compete successfully for talent in terms of our salary offerings and will support internal mobility.
  • We will ensure all top management roles have an up-to-date succession plan covering all succession categories. We also aim to improve the performance review approach and the recruitment process, including the implementation of a new recruitment system, to enhance the candidate and line manager experience.
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