Social 2021 performance overview

Black representation (South Africa)


of overall workforce

(F2020: 73%) 36%

at top management level

(F2020: 30%)

F2021 target: 36%


at middle management level

(F2020: 45%)

F2021 target: 49%


of Dealer Principals

F2020: 39%) 53%

at senior management level

(F2020: 40%)

F2021 target: 53%

Employment equity.

FTSE4Good Index Series – social score

3,8 out of five (2020: 3,3 out of five)



R144 million

training spend in South Africa, equating to 3,2% of payroll costs

(F2020: R177 million; 4%) R127 million1

training spend in UK and Australia, equating to 5,5% of payroll costs

99 hours of training

per employee in South Africa

(F2020: 63 hours)

Leadership and people capabilities.

OHS audits (Group)

526 sites (F2020: 567) 97% audit coverage (F2020: 84%) 92% average score (F2020: 90%)

Health safety and wellbeing report.

Road accidents (Group)


road accidents per million kilometres

(F2020: 0,100)

On-site injuries (Group)

199 injuries (F2020: 216)



16 708

people employed with 12 697 employed in South Africa, of whom 73% are black

Key data.

Tax contribution

R694 million

paid to governments

(F2020: R571 million) R932 million

paid on behalf of employees in South Africa (PAYE1)

(F2020: R950 million)

Preferential procurement
spend (South Africa)

R2,3 billion

spent with >51% black-owned businesses

(F2020: R1,3 billion)

Internal target: R1,1 billion

R1 billion

spent with 30% black womenowned businesses

(F2020: R498 million)

Internal target: R550 million

R2 billion

spent with EMEs2 and QSEs2

(F2020: R1,3 billion)

Internal target: R1,0 billion

Supporting inclusive procurement and enterprise development.


The apprenticeship programme in our commercial business in the UK – delivered in partnership with brand partner DAF – was recognised in a number of awards, winning both the Princess Royal Training Award and the East Midlands' Large Employer of the Year Award.

In recognition of Motus' COVID-19 community response activities in F2021, which included vehicle donations to non-profit organisations and the Solidarity Fund, in South Africa and abroad, we were nominated as a finalist in the Institute of Risk Management South Africa awards.


Qualifying enterprise and supplier development spend
(South Africa)

3,1% (R54 million) of NPAT3 (F2020: 3,7% of NPAT; R26 million)

Target: 3% of NPAT

Supporting inclusive procurement and enterprise development.

Qualifying socio-economic development spend
(South Africa)

1% (R17,5 million) of NPAT (F2020: 2% of NPAT; R14,3 million)

Target: 1% of NPAT

Contributing to community upliftment.

Enterprise development
spend (South Africa)

R76 million (F2020: R30 million)

CSI spend (Group)

R18,6 million

invested in community upliftment initiatives, with R5 million donated to relief efforts in KwaZulu-Natal

(F2020: R28,1 million)

B-BBEE rating (South Africa)

Aiming to achieve a

Level 44 (F2020: Level 6)

Transformation strategy.

1 Pay-as-you-earn tax.
2 Exempt micro enterprises (EMEs) and qualifying small enterprises (QSEs).
3 Net profit after tax (NPAT) of the Group's South African operation.
4 At the date of report sign off, the B-BBEE verification was still being finalised.

Note: reasons for material variances between years can be found in the performance sections at the given page references.