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Environmental, social and governance report 2021

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Reporting suite
About our report
Motus at a glance
Our strategy
Our ESG risks and opportunities
Our stakeholders
Letter from the Chairman of the social, ethics and sustainability committee

Environment report
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Environment 2021 performance overview
Operating in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner
Our approach to managing climate-related risks
Automotive products and services that assist environmental improvement
Key data

People Report
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Social 2021 performance overview
Providing business informed people practices and frameworks
The future of the work environment
Talent management and mobility
Diverse, equitable and inclusive work culture
Leadership and people capabilities
Health, safety and wellbeing report

High-quality and responsible products and services report
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Contributing to customer safety and wellbeing
Customer, vehicle and parts safety
Regulated financial services offerings
Data management

Transformation report
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Supporting the transformation of South Africa's automotive industry
Our contribution to automotive industry change
Transformation strategy
Employment equity
Supporting inclusive procurement and enterprise development

Community report
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Contributing to community upliftment
Key data

Governance Report
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Governance 2021 performance overview
Demonstrating consistently ethical business conduct
Board oversight of ethics management and the environmental and social consequences of our activities

Additional information
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Independent limited assurance report
Corporate information

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